Carpathian Conclave

24 – 26 February 2017

The call of war

Welcome to the Carpathian Conclave!

According to the ancient tribal legends there were two brothers hunting side by side for a mythical deer. They were loyal comrades like wolves in a pack, siblings in war with the same thirst for harmony and love. But every competition has only one winner. Every prey can have but a single predator… all others are just game.


In the beginning there was only war. All who live among these Carpathian mountains know this rule. The Carpathian Basin is shaped and formed by east and west, Sabbath and Camarilla, the eternal war of love and jealousy. But there is a greater power hiding in the deep behind every conflict and every conquest. This power is now awakening and will bring endless peace for the world – or will devour it. This is a personal offer which you can accept – or somebody else will…

The Final War is coming, and the Inner Circle could not let that happen.  In such true moments of fate the real masters of the cities of our world – the Kindred – meet under the watchful and furious gaze of the Justicars to condemn the past and decide over the future. They will never forget the roles played by those who are to be the instruments of the events shaping history!


The Carpathian Conclave will be held from February 24th to 26th in 2017, as an international Live Action Role Playing event based on Vampire: the Masquerade. The two-night event is hosted at the 130 year-old neo-renaissance Sasvár Castle Hotel **** Superior among the marvelous Mátra mountains (Sasvár actually means Eagle Keep in Hungarian). The accommodation will be also in this magical castle in rooms with two or three beds. During the day you can recover the nighttime events in the hotels wellness center (admission price included in the participation fees) and rest actively with some OOC side events. The Castle is 100 km from Budapest, but we provide transport services all participants who require it.

With 100-140 guests are expected to participate, most of them are active international players from the Domains in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic and from Hungary. However the event is open for new players too. (New players: please contact the Budapest by Night organizer team at In brief the story is a classical Conclave meeting with numerous mysteries, drama and political actions, spiced with ancient tribal sagas and some surprising twists too. Budapest by Night team has 20 years experience in organizing Vampire: the Masquerade LARP events. This Conclave will be the tipping point of a 3 year long storyline based on a 20 years old Chronicle, and we are very curious and excited how you will shape the next chapters our Chronicle!

We would like to do more than simply share our story with you!

We need you to shape our history!

Together we can create a great community to play exciting international LARP storylines and take part in OOC programs just as well!

10 by Night communities already joined the Conclave! Don’t miss the chance to be a part of it!