Carpathian Conclave

The event what gives the name for the official meetings of the Camarilla, the very Conclave is an open debate with pre-set topics and rules. The Conclave is presided by the Justicars and moderated by their Archons. Any member of the Camarilla, regardless of age, status, rank, Domain and Clan has the right to speak at the Conclave – but they also have to face consequences for their words nevertheless.

List of Guests

Topics of the Carpathian Conclave

Limits of the duties of an Archon. Can an Archon be Prince at the same time? Can a Prince keep their title as an Archon? Debate over the situation of the Prince of Krakow.

Can anybody excluded from being Justicar, Archon, Prince or Primogen? Are there terms and circumstances which make any Kindred unfitting for such titles?

Possibility and setting of Attila joining the Camarilla, the framework within he can exist as a member of the Ivory Tower.

Debate over Attila’s pending war. It is necessary? Can it be utilised for the Camarilla’s sake? Which targets shall be set for him?

How can marriage be interpreted in the lieu of the Traditions?

Above the aforementioned topics and Kindred present at the Conclave can suggest new topics and the Archons are ready to give audiences to anyone who seeks their wisdom.

The Conclave Council

During the Conclave Council, Justicars and their Archons will be sitting at a distinguished place, at the centre of attention. Elders, other Archons, Princes and further dignitaries will be offered a seat in front of them, while others will stand. The participation in the Conclave Council is not mandatory, any Kindred might leave or join at will. Participants who do not follow the instructions of the Archons, who are violent, cannot control their Beast or mean harm for the Camarilla, will be removed.

If anyone wants to speak, they shall state it loudly and firmly when the Archons ask for speakers. If the Archons call for a speaker, the speaker shall rise (if sitting), step forth and talk to the Justicars after the mandatory honorary forms and gestures. Each speaker has a limited time to talk and the end of the time will be signalled by the Archons. At the end the speaker thanks the Justicars their attention and returns to their place.
All the participants has the right and chance to support or oppose the speaker. If they agree with the speaker’s words and view, they raise their open palm above their heads as a sign of support. If they disagree with the speaker and dislike their points, they raise their clenched fist above their head to signal resent and opposition. The Archons and Justicars look for these signs and use them to form their own opinions and control the debate.
Aside from these, other forms of expression (like clapping, ovation or hooting) are allowed but do not replace the aforementioned signals.
New topics can be requested by the Justicars and their Archons during the preceding audience.

Carpathian Vampire History

In the beginning there was only war.

When the Eastern nations arrived with their tribal warlords, they eradicated the Provincia Pannonia and shattered the Romans for good. The Carpathian Basin became home of a new, more agile Empire. The great tribes were forged under one ruler: Attila the Hun, the Scourge of God. The Ventrues and Malkavians of decadent Rome were not able to keep up with the rising new Power of the East. Hadrian, the former ceasar, member of the Clan of the Moon saw the end of times and Rome in flames, but no one listened. One kingdom after another was conquered, the arrows of Attila’s army blackened the sky and the earth trembled upon his arrival.

But in the end for some unknown reason, Attila – who called himself Isatha, the Allfather in front of Cainites – turned away from the walls of Rome. After this turning point, both the Roman and Hunnic Empire slowly began to fade. Attila disappeared and the mighty Rome was burnt to the ground just as the Ancients within it by the northern tribes that betrayed Hadrian and his plans.

As the centuries passed over the Carpathian Mountains, nothing changed at all. The German Ventrues led by Hardestadt and the Hungarian Ventrues of the Árpád dynasty, like Levente and Géza, stepped in for open battle over the rich lands of the Basin. As the peasants served their nobility, so did the Gangrels serve their Venture lords in the War of Princes. But at the same time they waited for their moment to drink the blood of their masters. Their betrayal was written in the stars.

They say that the most beloved progeny of Attila was the first from Clan of the Wild who offered his services to one of the dark lords of Transylvania, the Tzimisces Methuselah Dracul.

The Omen War between the Tremere and the Tzimisce broke out and occult nightmares were unleashed on the land. Dark spirits, twisted creatures and hellish armies marched against each other. Ancient Roman ruins were torn apart by the Tremere novices like Herberstein and Helvetius, and unspeakable powers were unchained by Dracul to win this war at any cost. As the Tzimisces fell among their Carpathian Mountains, the Tremere Clan rose from the ruins of Coeris. And the Camarilla as an concept was not far behind. But no power stays unopposed here in this crucible, the Carpathians.

A new realm in the name of a One True God emerged from south-east: the Assamites of Alamut and muslim Cainites of the clans Brujah, Toreador and  Malkavian invaded the Basin. Sultan after sultan sent their mighty troops to the area. Both Christians and Muslims, for their love of their beliefs and the desire for conquest in their hearts, drowned in the bloodbath of the Jyhad. The Hungarians stood proudly protecting their land, but not even the greatest sword-fighters as the famous Brujah György Thury were able stop the invasion. In the end, the mighty castle of Buda fell and Turks seized control of it for a century and a half.

The betrayal of a Novice, Mehmed and the unwavering will of the Tremere Lord Herberstein was required, with the support of such silver-tongued politicians as the Ventrue noble Nádasdy to recapture the city and the entirety of the Carpathian Basin with it.

The world, like a bullet, started to speed up as the millennium came closer. The War of Centuries approached. The Pyramid casted its shadow over Budapest, the Tremere House and Clan and the Hungarian Ventrues waged war in the shadows: In the shadows of the war of independence against the Habsburg rule in the 19th century. As before Gangrels served their Ventrue masters, now Marilius, progeny of Attila, served Nádasdy, but in the end he betrayed him. The Gangrel Alpha created the Carpathian Pack above the great sects and his relentless fury was unleashed upon everyone in the Basin.

As the First World War erupted from a shot and blood flooded these lands again, the Sabbath conquered city after city, but even they were incapable to stop this flame. The Beast of humanity was unleashed and they called it war. The second flame did not spare anything in its path. Fire rained down from the sky, humans and Cainites turned into ash during the Holocaust. There were no more names or faces, only survivors of battles and mute dead screaming endlessly in the Shadowlands. The rivers turned to blood and the human’s ultimate weapon, the Midnight Sun rose.

The Hungarian Camarilla collapsed and formed again, the Pyramid returned in the face of Lord Herberstein. He even betrayed his own subjects as a Prince in his reckless pursuit of his personal nemesis, Helvetius. Former friends became enemies, Nádasdy the silver-tongued Venture politician pushed away his former master, Lord Herberstein as a traitor. Marilius and Mehmed exiled themselves waiting for the their times. From the chaos of interregnum a hermit emerged. He, who despite his love for his books and serenity claimed the throne of Budapest and became Prince. Tristan, the Nosferatu.

In the end, Prince Hadrian raised his gaze upon this land and sent Archon Martelli to keep watch over the situation. Everyone outside is watching in fear of what is yet to come. Everyone who exists among these mountains knows the rule that war does not stop easily in the Carpathian Basin and the new century is still speeding up. Someone has awakened, someone who never left.

Someone who will claim what he loves, punish those who betrayed him, and conquer what he left behind.

The Final War is looming, and the Inner Circle must stop it from coming.