System of the Carpathian Conclave

We offer our players a system which enforces more in-game actions and avoids out of character periods, although everybody still can calculate with and evaluate their decisions. We use simplified rules based on the spirit of White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade core rulebook and world.

The system is in the accessories

To encourage emotional and dramatic gameplay we will use many in-game system items, like visible influence tables for Archon offices, stylish “business cards” and contracts with which you can prove your boons and favours, and badges of offices. All of these accessories look nice in the game but also determine the system too. If you give your influence business card to your fellow most trusted Senechal, he can use it in his own purposes.

Endure the effects

Our universal gameplay method can handle every situation with different context sensitive elements based on characters and circumstances. Using your disciplines and other Vampires’ powers you can enforce others to act in your favour or against themselves. Effects are not to harm your character, but to help you play the required role with the respect of everyone’s physical and psychological integrity. When Frenzy touches you and the Beast shakes it’s shackles, you will be required to show how you deal with it by acting out actions to return to normal (like gourging blood, hunting, hissing or trying to break something…)

Divide et impera

The gameplay of the Elders and Neonates are different. By our system if enough young Vampires can channel their power into one united front they can wobble or shake an Elder. Thus the Elders’ interest is to divide the younger or create loyal groups and send them against their enemies.

Evolve on the event

On the Conclave we offer a special opportunity to achieve your characters own missions and reach higher levels. If you find secrets, solve mysteries and openly perform these situations on the event, you can develop your character immediately. Fulfill your personal goals, find out who is your muse’s true lover or revenge your Sire’s final death and the system will reward you.